We seek to foster an encouraging learning environment for underprivileged family and children. We want to offer these disadvantaged children the opportunity to achieve their potential through language education, creativity, and  social skills.  We look to provide all of this in a faith-inspired environment that offers guidance and opportunities to children who would otherwise be forgotten about.




So many children across the world are living in squalor, with no opportunities for education, progression or religious fulfillment. We want to change that.
Our mission is to provide developmental learning programs and self-actualization resources as stepping stones for economically and socially disadvantaged children and their families. We want to instill values of self-respect and integrity as the foundations upon which to build their future success. We provide every child with the necessary framework for learning, self-expression, and self-worth. The environment we create for these children is one of spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. These children don’t have much in life; but we teach them to value and respect the things they do have.

Ultimately; we want to bring hope to underprivileged children and families.


Our goal is to provide these disadvantaged youngsters with pathways to independence and healthy living. We seek to provide spiritual, emotional and social frameworks for the flourishing of these amazing children. We wish to further family cooperation, and encourage their respect and motivation for the development of their local communities.

Our existing relationships with the Christian Parish Community are of the utmost importance, and we wish to expand these connections further to other nearby communities. Our devoted Parish community has played a significant role in our development, and we wish them continued success as they spread the word of the Lord and carry out His good will.