Kaden Tran 

Charlotte, NC

Kaden is in his senior year of high school and is involved in TNTT (a Vietnamese Catholic youth group) as well as traditional lion dances. Kaden's dream is to open up his own dumpling restaurant!

“The Vietnam trip was an amazing experience. It was a good opportunity to be able to experience how life was first-hand in Vietnam and was a big eye-opener for me, seeing all the privileges that I have. I saw that those who were less fortunate were a lot more kind and thought more about others. During the breakfast we hosted for the elders, many of them asked to pack the food to go so they can give it to their grandchildren. They thought about their family first before themselves, and I thought that was a very important characteristic for anyone to have. I appreciate all of the different people I met over this trip: all of my students, the other teachers who also attended the trip, the priests who took care of us, and everyone else who has helped make my trip memorable. Spending so much time with them was a lot of fun and helped me break out of my comfort zone. They’ve made me into a better person, and I cannot wait to experience more on the next trip!”

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