Kellis Nguyen

Columbia, SC

Kellis is currently finishing up her senior year of high school. In college she plans on double majoring in biology and psychology in hopes to be a future pediatrician. 

“While this mission trip has impacted my view of the world and the people around me, the most important thing that this trip has changed is my view of Vietnam. When you think of Vietnam, you think about street food and the bustling streets of big cities. Many, however, don’t think about the small rural towns that are often forgotten. This trip has allowed me to see the beauty in everything and how it isn’t the place itself but the people that reside there that make places special. The people that I encountered were so incredible, and they made my experience worthwhile. What they lacked in material possessions they made up for in love. I appreciated the kids’ enthusiasm even if it wasn’t directed towards their schoolwork. It gave me energy each morning to hear their laughter and see their smiling faces. I’m thankful for all the love that we were shown and the love that we continue to receive even after we’ve left. To this day I still receive good morning texts from my students. The love that I felt there was indescribable, and I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world.”

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