Kim Pham

Asheville, NC

Kim is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, currently double majoring in human development and global studies. She loves to travel to different countries and is dedicated to working with children. 

"Although this previous summer was my second time with Nhan Ai Compassion’s summer program, it was still full of surprises and wonderful memories, and was probably one of the happiest decisions I could’ve made. I owe it all to Father Hoc, Father Que, Christina Pham, and the Vietnamese community for allowing me another opportunity to embark on this life changing journey. Having been a part of Nhan Ai Compassion’s summer program for the second time has taught me even more valuable lessons and allowed me to create long lasting relationships that I will cherish forever. I learned how to serve and better my community, how to appreciate life and people around me, as well as how to be a better me. Although I went to Vietnam as a teacher, I was the one who was taught much more valuable lessons, which is why I recommend others to experience the same as I did and embark on a one month journey they will surely never forget”

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