Lauren Nguyen

Columbia, SC

Lauren is currently finishing high school. She is intelligent and ambitious, and she loves to read and spend time helping other people.

“Last year I went along with the other volunteers to Vietnam for seven weeks to teach English to the children of Phuc Dia parish. This trip had a profound impact on not only me and the other volunteers but also the children in our classes and the larger community. Before this trip, I was very reserved and reluctant to go anywhere. This was my first big trip away from home, and my parents and I was very nervous. remember the first night after we flew to Vietnam, I cried because I thought that I had made the biggest mistake of my life by going and that I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of being a teacher and a role model for these children. However, I sat down and rationalized with myself, if I didn’t have the confidence to do this for myself, then at the very least I could think about the children and I could do it for them. Because at the end of the day, this trip wasn’t ever about me, it’s all about the good we could do for the children.”