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Our Summer camp program is runs in affiliation with the local Parish in Thanh Hoa Diocese in North Vietnam. Our summer camp activities are unique to the area; we are the only Summer Camp in North Vietnam which offers a completely free program of day-long learning. We also provide kids with activities that encourage community and character building qualities.

Goal 1:

Our first goal is to create a vibrant and encouraging environment wherein disadvantaged children can learn, share and care for others. In addition, to promote recreational activities that showcase the innate talents and idiosyncrasies of children and bring to light the uniqueness and individuality of kids. 

Goal 2: 

Our second goal is to bring our volunteers, U.S students from senior high to college age, to Vietnam to help them experience the value of being human.  Our volunteers are given the opportunity to teach, serve the poor and the elderly, experience simple living, enliven their faith and broaden their cultural horizons, learn about Vietnamese social and economic realities.  Our hopes is by the time they return home, they see their lives through a different perspective, that of Christian servants looking through the lens of the unprivileged families and children they have served.  

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