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My name is Christina, I'm 37 years old. This is my first blog. I would like to share some of my personal experiences and my faith as well. Personally, I feel very blessed for the life I have a wonderful and supportive family. I have been through all the ups and downs of life. As a result I found that life had no meaning. What I have today could be gone tomorrow. I’ve come to realize materials cannot bring me happiness for its purpose is temporary happiness. It does not allow me to be close to God. But with the grace of God, I have found the true meaning of life; And that is to devote my time on this earth to the blessings and true happiness of my life which is helping the unfortunate children, for now - the children of Vietnam. This defines me and it helps me be closer to Him. Therefore, I resigned my professional job and found a part time job that gives me the flexibility to follow my dream. A trip to Vietnam in 2012 forever changed me. I came home with a great passion and formed a nonprofit organization named Nhan Ai Compassion ( Nhan Ai means love for the people) translated love and compassion. Presently, NAC is run by a group of volunteers who devote their time and financial means without monetary compensation to help the less fortunate children. NAC is also a major part of my life today. Faith: I considered myself a lost sheep once but now I have found my way home. I received my baptism at Easter 2015. My family is not catholic. My exposure to the catholic faith was at the age of 8 while living with an adopted grandmother who is catholic. She took me to mass every Sundays and taught me to pray. Because I was not catholic I was not allow to participate in children activities. I felt disassociated and lonely as a result. From that experience, my passion to help children was born! With that in mind, I want to create opportunities for children to come to church and get involve in church activities. I hope with NAC we can help children to become better adults and more compassionate. I believe if we show children love and compassion, they will change the world!

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