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August 31, 2015


While working in Vietnam,  we discovered that children did not have access to books, the public library,  and research materials. Only  the colleges/universities have books available for its students, however, most are used books and very limited in selections.   




There is such a deficiency in


books yet the kids have a great desire to read.    We inspired their desire to read by starting the Books for Kids library project. Our desire to inspire them was thus born! We wanted to create a place for children to come, learn, interact, as well as create an opportunity for children to help each other with homework assignments and explore the world through books.   We wanted to promote a healthy and productive learning environment.  It also served as a community center for kids.   


We are passionate in promoting literacy.  We believe books is the most impactful  way to help kids by allowing them to dreams and be creative.  Many studies have demonstrated that reading is good for children in many positive ways!


  • It builds listening skills and imagination.

  • Books teach children about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world


NAC's first library is at the Tan Dao Parish which was started in 2014.  We allow kids to check out books, encourage group activity, engage kids in book discussion and teach kids basic computer skills. Children are fascinated with these simple concepts.  We are inspired by their enthusiasm.  We want to expand this opportunity to children in other areas. 


We work with the local religious leaders.  We build/create at libraries located at christian or buddhist properties due to political and legal rights limitation.   Informationally,  christian church or buddhist temple are the two dominated religions in VN.   NAC library project is governed by religious moral values- concept of kindness, teamwork, sharing and responsibility by having it at a local religious property it is also a way for children to engage  in religious teachings which will help them to become better adults.  


We purchased books from local publishers.  NAC library project consist of printed and some audiobooks in a variety of subjects; digital and print format., computer corner,  and homework corner.  The library will be overseen by religious leader but managed by young adults.  We believe this arrangement will give young adults the opportunity to grown in their leadership and management skills. 





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