Summer Project

The NAC summer project is free. Over 250 children participated: half are non-Catholic. and because of this project, Tan Dao Parish now has its own children's Sunday service. We believe in creating a healthy,learning environment that gives children the opportunities to express their individuality, responsibility and creativity. Our goal is to empower children to live as confidently, compassionately and honestly as possible and to engage children to actively participate in the welfare of their community.

We designed NAC's summer programs with one goal in mind; to enhance children's self-esteem and self- confidence.!! Every child received a t-shirt with the front logo that reads Thien Chua La Tinh Yeu, translated God is Love, Nhan Ai Compassion,with a logo on the back that reads Tan Dao Parish Summer 2015. The NAC summer program consists of the following; learn basic English, daily prayer, group discussion, Sunday activities. There were 2 sessions; in the morning from 7:30-9:30 with an afternoon session from 2:30 - 5:30, Monday through Friday. Each session divided into 2 groups: elementary and middle school ages. Children come to the parish; to learn english with a strong emphasis in moral conduct, to receive encouragement in community outreach, and finally, to engage the children in Faith. Daily, we started our session with the Lord's prayer, homework review, and periodically faith group discussion.

On Saturdays, we provide community outreach opportunities. Children visited and provided food to the elderly around the Parish. In addition, children joined each other in making rosaries as part of the Youth Ministry fundraising. Children are to use these funds to help the less fortunate families and elderly. Our Sunday’s activities included; morning service, breakfast, Devine Mercy prayer, and enormous fun activities.

At the end of the summer children joined a farewell ceremony. Each child received an award based on his or her participation, and their willingness to try. The summer programs impacted NAC but it also impacted the children at Tan Dao. It gave the children at Tan Dao Parish an unforgettable and enriching summer. Our hope is that we can inspire all who attend and participate with us to live better in the world while embodying the same confidence, integrity and compassion.

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