Sydney Nguyen

Cary, NC

Sydney is in her last year of high school at Cary Academy. She plans on furthering her education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Sydney loves to dance/cheer and she is a prodigy at playing the piano.

“My trip to Vietnam with Nhan Ai Compassion was the best and most valuable summer of my life. I came to Vietnam feeling separated from my roots, not knowing Vietnamese, and unaware of what life is like for those different from me, but I returned with a second family that I cherish every day, great friendships that span the globe, and a brand-new perspective on my and others' lives. This summer taught me so much - I had the opportunity to experience a selfless, tight-knit community unlike any I had seen before, and thanks to my students' endless patience and kindness, I ended up with far more confidence in Vietnamese and a greater sense of identity. Over the summer, I was surrounded by the most selfless, kind and inspiring people (both Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American) that I continue to learn from every day. I still miss this experience and am grateful I can still connect with my students and friends. This summer started a passion for volunteering in me, and I truly hope I can return next year. Thank you to all the donors, Father Que, Father David Hoc, and Ms. Christina, for making this wonderful program possible!”

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