Vi Nguyen

Cary, NC

Vi is in her last year of college at Campbell University. She is majoring in Healthcare Management in hopes to work and build better health clinics in third world countries. Vi loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She has a big heart and is always willing to give a helping hand. 

“It continues to amaze me how much I’ve been able to see how much this organization has grown. This past summer was my sixth year joining NAC and it was probably the best thing that has ever impacted my life. Out of all my years going to Vietnam, I have to admit that 2019 was the best summer yet. We continued to do more with our program and connect more with community, and it’s so touching to see the lives of the children and the elderly from a whole different perspective. I think my favorite part would have to be either visiting the orphanage or having dinners with the local families. Going to the orphanage is probably one of the very little things that will make me cry. When you see the kids there and you see their condition your heart just sinks because no one, no child should ever feel like they’re unloved just because they’re different from the rest of us. Most children at the orphanage had some type of disability, and some were even paralyzed from the neck down. It just makes you want to be able to save all the children there and take them home with you. It was sad that we were only able to visit for a couple of hours, but it was so touching seeing that no matter how much life has failed them, they always continue to smile. My other favorite part was being able to sit down with a local family and have a meal with them. When I was able to sit down, listen to their stories and how their lives were being brought up, it made me so ashamed of how I lived my life complaining about every little thing. It was so humbling seeing that no matter how little they were given they took that little thing and made a life out of it. Not everyone is given the opportunity to see life from the other side, but if you can and you’re able, I highly recommend spending your summer in Vietnam. You won’t regret it.”

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